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The Gutsy Trekker

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The Gutsy Trekker

If you are familiar with traveling by humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) you know there is a limit to the regions they reach. The gutsy trekker refuses to limit their travel to land only, preferring the Cessna Caravan Amphibian as their transportation of choice. The Caravan is unmatched in its ability to smoothly land on water. The Caravan floats in place of landing gear and is equipped with wheels for land transportation — a real mulit-tasker. If you are new to this mode of travel, cheap flights are readily available.

Make no mistake; there is no replacement for the Cessna Caravan Amphibian and its distinct turboprop driving force. It comfortably seats nine travelers allowing for one person to serve as both driver and crew. Every bit and more than the Boeing 727, the Cessna Caravan Amphibian is the fastest, most powerful float plane on the market. 

The Caravan is gifted with Wipaire Wipline floats allowing it to trek the planet night and day supplying goods and services to out-of-reach land and sea areas of the globe. The aviation community refers to the Caravan as the go-to for dependability in both recreation and vocation, which is reflected in the ongoing need for increased production. Cheap airfares are not a thing of the past. A little investigation and you will find yourself in the air.
Join the Who’s Who of ownership including: Entertainer Jimmy Buffett who proudly displays his parrot insignia on the tail of his Caravan; investment banker George Soros; Miami Dolphins holder Wayne Huizenga; Johnson Wax President Samuel Johnson; One of the heirs to Wal-Mart, Sam Walton; and, Land’s End creator Gary Comer.

Whichever way you choose to use your Caravan, as a flying ship, or to run errands to those hard to reach places that are unsuitable for a helicopter, or parked on the aft deck of a vessel for an emergency exodus: you are prepared for any situation.

Attesting to the versatility and spirit of exploration is Caravan proprietor Montanan Kent Williams. He spends his summer months on his vessel in Alaska with his Caravan secured and close at hand. He is more than familiar with Cessnas, and touts his Caravan as being in a class all its own, and sometimes he even addresses his vessel as his “flying cruise ship”. And, he would know since he has safely landed his Caravan during rapidly worsening conditions on much less than a landing field. The dependability of the turboprop jet engine, initiated in 1998, permits the power to gather speed and climb with immediate flexibility. Since the Caravan is fuel conscious, there is no need to haul reserve gas tanks.

On an end-of-summer journey to Alaska’s Brooks Range for the caribou passage and the season’s change of colors, Williams packed his Caravan with sufficient rations and camping supplies changing his Caravan into an airborne Winnebago. Landing In the remote outpost of Beetles, bush aviators engulfed the Caravan each night eager for discussion and a ride. Williams obliged their requests leaving them in awe of the places you can visit and the notoriety it brings to its pilot.